TRAINING and Skill Development

Download There has been an accute shortage of technically trained  manpower, who can understand the process, equipment and effectively operate several plant units and optimise the plant and equipment availability. This is more relavent inrespect of the beneficiation, pelletizing, the iron & steel and power plants because of the varrying properties of natuarally available raw  minerals. A well trained and motivated plant operating team is always an asset to any industrial unit. Fe techno has realised such needs to train and upgrade their skills of plant operating personnel, so that the plant can be setup and stebilised to demonstratethe plant performance with in a short span of time.

We provide extensive training to the Plant Operation and Maintenance personnel, which will include on-the-job training during Commissioning stage at the Plant site, as well as Theoretical training in class rooms.

Fe Techno has a full-fledged training centre at Bangalore to impart classroom training in all aspects of Agglomeration and Steel-making process to Plant Operating crew. Training shall be imparted to candidates nominated /sponsored by the Industry, as part of their employee skill development programmes. Printed study material & details of reference books will also be provided to the participants.